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Mark Noble: How do we get the fixed income portfolio out of the red?



Our chat with Mark Noble, Senior Vice President, Horizons ETFs continues, as we discuss some of the ideas that investors seeking alternative moves could consider in the current fixed income environment we find ourselves in.

In the second part of our conversation on fixed income, we begin on the note that in the November period, one of the notable things that happened was that investors exiting equities crowded into the short-term bonds leaving longer term bonds in the lurch. Its the longer term bonds and treasuries that typically provided investors with some comfort, however this time around, at the time of this conversation, equities were down 8% and bonds were down around 2-3%,

So how do we get the fixed income portfolio out of the red?

Mark Noble shares his observations and provides some insight into some of the areas of the bond market that may be opportunistic, both on a relative basis and/or in a fundamental way.

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